A compiled list of errors for when React fails to compile.

Regardless of your experience in web development, whether it’s decades or months, error handling is the work of every programmer. I’d prefer to forget the amount of time I’ve spent tracking down a stray bracket, or perplexed as to why something is undefined when it is clearly defined. While building my latest project TrainTrack (a React app to help a user prepare for an upcoming running race) that red font, basking in its grey-black background gloated at me often, nonchalantly telling me, “Hey you, I failed to compile.”


So you can sit back, and just redux.

Utilizing the Redux library in your application can save some major headaches. Redux creates a centrally located store (think of it as a container) that keeps train of your application’s state. This can make things much easier when it comes to developing and debugging.

1. Install both packages:

npm install redux

npm install react-redux

2. Set Up The Store:

The function createStore() is included with the Redux library. It returns an instance of the Redux store when it is invoked. Import the function from redux and include it in your index.js file, which is where your ReactDOM renders if you used create-react-app to initially build your application.

Then, set…

Some tips for untangling yourself when you’re new to the world of JS.

shrub-hub web page

Javascript is like the wild west. Or a pouty adolescent that has difficulty expressing themselves. Only able to utter “undefined” when something is not right. Semi-colons at the end of a line are very important — sometimes. Arguments? Functions will take ’em or leave them, no complaints either way. Here are a few tips and tricks for diving into Javascript, some of which I learned the hard way so you hopefully don’t have to.

The Analysis Paralysis Problem.

There are SO many ways to do things in javascript. During brainstorming sessions…

Battling complicated double-nested forms to dynamically add an input field without javascript.

screenshot of recipe website
screenshot of recipe website
“Do you ever say you’re going out for just one drink and end up staying out until you witness the break of a new day? Perhaps you left a significant other at home, angrily steeping in concern while awaiting your return. Drachenfutter in German means “dragon food.” It specifically refers to the treats or food one may bring their beloved in an attempt to divert any discontent upon returning home after a night of debauchery.”

Did you know coding was a team sport? Yeah, neither did I. (Or maybe you did, but I sure did not.) The further I f̵a̵l̵l̵ waltz gracefully into this world, the cruciality of teamwork and collaboration becomes more and more apparent. It’s refreshing to be immersed in a world that encourages collaboration. I believe selfishness to be wildly archaic — but that’s for another conversation. (I highly recommend watching the documentary Surviving Progress.)

The software engineering world has actually restored some of my faith in humanity. For example — it’s common practice to include an alt tag for images that…

“The Steadfast Tin Soldier” — illustration from the Disney Archives, 1991

Through the creation of my first web application, Wayfare, I came to learn the importance of a little gem called “tux” (sources: gem, github). Our assignment was to use Sinatra, a framework for building websites utilizing the Ruby language, to develop a website that incorporated a database that the user could interact with.

Wayfare allows users to create trips, and optionally associate them with ski resorts, to help one plan their travels. Initially, the website was inspired by my upcoming road trip from the Pacific Northwest to the Rockies, where I plan to stop at the resorts included with my…

Write a program, make it run. Yay! It works! Tweak it *holds breath*…and it breaks. Spend hours trying to make it work again. This very quickly became my coding ritual while creating my first CLI (command-line interface) application to access external data utilizing an API (application programming interface). You may view a walkthrough of my project here as I go into greater detail about the process itself below.

The “making it run” part.

For several minutes I sat looking at the skeleton of my project. Hurray! I git cloned a repository that came from my very own Git Hub account…

Coding: A Love Story.

Not unlike a lot of love stories, this one begins during my preteen years, before I actually knew anything about love — but had a lot of feelings nevertheless.

Oh the suspense, as the computer sang its sweet dial-up melody that lead to the mystifying world wide web. It was the era of Myspace and I was eager to have the most banging profile on the block. Sure, I could download a theme but being the detail-oriented preteen that I was, none of them suited me exactly right. I was such a unique individual, you know…

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full stack software engineer and web developer

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